I would like you, to tune in your desires!

Our desires are powerful tools from where we can manifest “almost anything” in the world.

Yes, I guess you probably are familiar with the law of attraction and you probably are aware that sometimes it seems to work and sometimes it simply doesn’t.

So, have you ever asked yourself when and why does it work? Well, I did and what I found out is that it often depends on how much deep and important that desire is for us.

Sometimes our perspective is simply to small so we think we want something but on a wider plane of existence we really don’t want it.

Anyway, I noticed that when we have a strong, no negotiable desire coming from our heart it often turns into a win.

On the other end, when we start doubting the outcome, it seems like the Universe/God get confused and he doesn’t know any longer if this is really what we want.

So, why are we doubting?

Limiting beliefs, fears, lack of confidence, “why me?”, “I am not enough”, “this is impossible” and many other things.

Today I invite you to connect with that desire that is really so important to you, that one thing that you cannot stop thinking about, no matter what.

What is it?

How long have you been thinking about it?


Is this going to benefit only you or also many at the same time?

I know it might sound impossible at the moment but what if….. It wasn’t!

How would your life change?

And the life of those close to you?

And of those who would get in contact with you?

Close you eye and imagine it is real for a while……

How do you feel? How does it feel to be there? Do you really want to be there? How important is for you to be there?

Is it negotiable?

If you really want to be there and it is a priority and a no negotiable desire contact me!! I am happy to inspire you to make it real!!

Yes, it is possible!!

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Looking forward to hearing your comments and desires.

With much love