90 Minute Intensive with Elena Agrizzi

A 90-minute Powerful Transformational Intensive to find clarity, explore points of views, find different strategic Life and Business solutions and plans.

Are you feeling stuck?

Do you keep thinking and thinking about the same challenging situation without being able to find a solution?

Do you feel like there might be another way to go for what you want, but you can’t see it?

Have you lost your passion and creativity and you wonder why?

Are you tired of striving for what you want?

Do you know deeply in your heart that Life and Business can be easy and joyful?

Do you want to be able to follow your talents and gifts?

Do you believe you can live your Life in Flow and Magic and do you want to start doing that now?

Yes! I am here to support you, to help you to think outside the box, to help you step into magic and dare!!!

Yes, dare to find the clarity you need to start acting on purpose again! Book your coaching session with Elena today.

Single Payment Option

Special one-time payment

offer €1000 €900

Two Payments Option

Make 2 monthly payments

of €500