Step into Greatness!
 Create a Massive Upgrade in your Life and Business

90 Day Quantum Leap Programme with Elena Agrizzi

90 days journey to free yourself, your passion, your creativity and discover the Bigger Version of yourself.

Are you a woman entrepreneur in the second part of your life ready for a big shift and an upgrade in your life and business?

Do you feel like life doesn’t make sense to you anymore the way it is?

Do you have the feeling you lost yourself, your purpose, your passion, your creativity and you are living in an automatic mode without enjoying anything anymore, feeling overwhelmed and powerless all the time?

Are you living for only accomplishing tasks for family, home, work?

Do you absolutely know you need a shift, an upgrade, to start living in magic and flow – living the life you deserve?

I totally understand you because I’ve been there!

I was totally overwhelmed and I had no time for myself or the things I loved.

I felt like I was in an automatic state that made me wake up in the morning, do what I had to do and then go to sleep again. I had no support from my husband or from my son. I felt I lived for them, for cleaning the house, taking care of everything, taking care of them, and go to work.

I didn’t feel passionate about anything anymore. Life itself made no sense to me anymore.

ALL this can change!

  • Do you believe that there is a completely different life and business out there waiting for you? A life and business with ease, in flow, and able to bring back magic into your life?
  • Do you feel you need to free yourself, your passion, your creativity and discover the Bigger Version of yourself?
  • Do you want to stop struggling and reconnect with your true desires, your purpose, your power?
  • Do you feel you need to get in contact again with your inner deeper self and choose what you really want in your life?
  • Do you know you deserve the best and you can star loving yourself again?
  • Do you know it is time to improve your wealth factor and play big in business?

Yes, it is possible and I am here to support you and guide you in your life and business!

I have created a 3 step program to get you ready for what you deserve, to go for what you desire and want. In only 12 weeks you will be guided on a transformational journey in which you not only discover and transform limiting beliefs and patterns and create a deeper connection with yourself, but you will also learn how to find ease and live in flow, manifesting magic in your life and business.

ARE YOU READY TO deepen your relationship with your inner self, step into flow, and co-create your life and business?

JOIN ME ON A 90 DAY JOURNEY TO FREE YOURSELF, Be yourself, step into magic, start or implement an amazing business in tune with what you really are, connected to your purpose!

Yes, Dare! Go for it!

Start thinking about yourself first again! Believe me this is the best way to serve others too!!

In survival mode you don’t have much to give to others because you feel drained all the time. On the other hand when you are connected to your passion and creativity, you open yourself to the world of infinite possibilities and by doing so you open the door for others too!!

Give yourself permission to desire again and go for what you want and deserve in life and business. Get your life and your time back, and step into your own fulfilling business career!

By working with me you will:

  • get crystal clear on what you want in your life
  • start desiring and really choosing again
  • gain inner peace and freedom
  • identify and overcome limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns
  • heal yourself from physical, emotional, and spiritual problems
  • find balance
  • get your personal power back
  • be able to express your feelings clearly and powerfully
  • discover and embrace a new and greater vision for your life and business
  • learn to connect to your creativity, intuition, and passion
  • open the door to infinite possibilities
  • create the business you really want according to your desired life style and purpose
  • step into high vibrational life and learn how to consciously maintain this state
  • learn how to live in flow and invite magic into your life
  • do business with ease and love listening to your inner guidance
  • learn to make an effective action plan
  • learn to organize your business and do what is necessary without stress
  • create your own online business
  • grow your followers and leads on social media
  • save time automating as much as possible with your on brand message
  • identify your ideal clients and how you can help them
  • reach your audience effectively

WOW! All the above and more! It is YOU transforming your life and business!

Why am I qualified to accompany you on this journey of transformation? My formal training includes traditional education degrees and an MBA as well as training in Personal Development Sciences such as Motivational Coaching, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Past Regression Professional Trainings, and Energy Healing.  This knowledge combined with many years of practical experience applying and expanding these areas of expertise has honed my unique gifts that I would like to share to help you create a massive shift in your life and business.

Yes, I have an MBA (Clemson University South Carolina USA) and I can use what I know to help you to implement best practices in your business. The reason why I decided to expand my knowledge into the holistic world, is that I realized how much more powerful you can be when you are acting on purpose, when you are able to transform the DO, DO, DO into just BE, when being on brand simply means being you, a unique human being with your unique story to share with the world to help others who can benefit from your experience.

What I learned is that there is a different way of doing business, a way where you are in touch with your inner self, a way where you can tap into your intuition and step into flow. Stepping into flow means to surrender and allow yourself to be guided by God/Universe to fulfill your purpose – being in service for yourself and for others.  I call it marketing of the soul or business of the soul.

Instead of being all about numbers and structure I will guide you into a different dimension, I will bring you through the door of infinite possibilities to step into magic itself.

Are you ready to dig deep and find your real powerful self? To live the life you really desire! Dare!

“Elena is an amazing woman with a great intuition. My session with her was fun, profound and it lead to immediate shifts. I was able to identity some blocks I was not aware of even though I have done a lot of work around that area. Highly recommend you gift yourself a session with this gorgeous woman.”

Alba Gomez (Australia)

“I can’t say enough about Elena’s work! Elena is a magical coach, and a wonderfully warm person. Transformational. After just one session, I gained more clarity and a completely new way to work on my business. Elena uses her broad education and experience, as well as her sharp mind and keen intuition to select just the right tools to work with the individual and the problems presented. I will definitely work with her again!”

Carol Powell Cox (USA)

“Coaching with Elena has opened my heart to look at my life & business from a different perspective. She is a person who believes that we can change our attitude to life in minutes and you can feel that energy. Her questions were very powerful and helped me to discover what was keeping me stuck and then move forward to where I desired to be. If you are looking to create your life with flow, I recommend working with her.”

Sylwia Eli Kleczynska (UK)

When working with me you will get:

  • Coaching totally customized for you and your needs
  • Welcome package
  • 30 minute Introductory Call
  • Twelve 90 minute weekly sessions via Skype or Zoom
  • Every week you will receive a download link for all the material
  • All calls are recorded
  • Weekly Personal reflection and journaling out of powerful stories
  • Bonus audio guided visualizations, exercises and handouts

You should be ready to invest 30 minutes a day for your wealth consciousness.


Single Payment Option

Special one-time payment

offer €5,700 €5,300


Three Payments Option

Make 3 monthly payments

of €1,900


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