Retreat in Venice by Magic Inspired Living

Retreat in Venice

On June 2017, the Magic Retreat in Venice.

In Venice, a city of beauty and power, we have experienced that deep feeling of flow and magic in our life.

The Retreat has given me the opportunity to know about magical women who have wanted and want to make their life magic, to realize their dreams and not to fear to follow their own heart and instinct.



Date 26-06-2017 – 28-06-2017

Location Venice – Italy

Special Guest Elise Lininger e Tonia Lewis

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Beautiful women

I made the decision to participate at The Live The Magic in Venice retreat at the very last minute, thanks to the magical words shared with me at the right moment: reclaim your feminine intuition.

Everything that was promised unfolded & more. Elena, Elise and Tonia, each of them in their own uniqueness, stand for a powerful combination of feminine intuition and action that is very much rooted within reality.

They succeeded in offering us the magic and the complexity of the empowered feminine: capable of telling stories of collaboration and the success that they have created and also showed us that it is possible for us as well.

In Venice, I experienced sisterhood, authenticity and learned practical take-aways to apply to my life and business. During this retreat I decided to reclaim some forgotten parts of myself, such as my creativity and allowing my intuition to guide me in my life and in my business.

Our 3 hosts masterfully arranged a fairytale kind of experience in Venice-the venue was incredible. They have a special eye for beauty, support and application of coaching to create lasting change. So that our own magic of being women can be experienced on a deeper level and lived in our lives.

Ilaria Franchi

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