Live the Magic Retreat in Mykonos Greece 5 days in Paradise 

Tune into your abundant life, start creating from within  

24 MAY - 29 MAY 2018  

Are you ready for a Retreat that allows you to stop, slow down and finally start living an abundant magical life where you can throw out your to-do list and trust your inner core....

Then Live the Magic Retreat in Mykonos is for you!

Do you want to stop doing, and have the time to tune in, be in alighment and take care of you and your true goals?  

Do you desperately need a magical self-indulgent vacation and a transformational event?  

Do you want to connect to your own divine guidance and have certainty around your next step to manifest your best life?  

Live the Magic Retreat in Mykonos is for you!  

Imagine waking up to brilliant blue skies overlooking the Aegean Sea, fresh ocean breezes and the vitality of mediterranean salt water mists falling onto your skin as you relax and connect over a freshly prepared breakfast of local organic ingredients prepared by your personal chef in a magical villa overlooking the sea.  

Feel your body's delight as you indulge in a relaxing swim in the spa worthy pool, body strengthening time outdoor activities or a brisk morning walk through the lush gardens atop the hillside of our private villa.  

  Sense the warm summer breeze igniting your spirit as you tour the glamorous and simplified capital town and the most famous beaches on the island. Take in the spellbinding architecture and admire a fleet of fishing boats casting colourful reflections in the azure waters.  

Picture your pleasure as you grab your journal and find a comfortable lounge chair and meditate as the sun plays its rainbow into the clouds as it sets over the sea. See the warm lights of the villa inside start to beacon you back in for delicious treats and rest.  

  Finally, envision the laughter and love as you sail around the island with all the other vivacious, compassionate, creative and enthusiastic women who’ve joined you for this once-in-a-lifetime magical vacation!  

  Yes. You’re at the Live the Magic Retreat in Mykonos, Greece in a magical villa atop one of the most beautiful hills on the island! And right now you are probably listening to a guided meditation or swinging in the hammock by the pool.  

But no matter where you are or what you’re doing, one thing’s for sure... you’re enjoying the experience, and you’re completely loving and accepting yourself for the abundant woman you are!  

Enchanted? Who wouldn't be?  

But that’s not all… While we indulge on the magic of Mykonos, this will also be an uplifting and life changing experience. Each excursion, each session — each moment — is carefully designed to deeply immerse you in what it means to live life in flow and to connect to your full abundance.  

During your stay, you will release the need to do, do, do and realize the power to just be. You will tap into divine guidance to bring your desires into focus and experience what it feels like to allow your desires to come to you.  

Live The Magic Retreat in Mykonos

Tune into your abundant life, start creating from within  

Will allow you to...

Regain the youthful magic that comes with living in high vibrational feminine ease  

Get out of self-doubt, overwhelm and fear that is keeping you in your head and away from your heart  

Practice the transformational power of allowing yourself to just be  

Release old stories that are keeping you from your divine right to a prosperous life

Re-establish your connection to the universe and infinite possibility through love

Build a practice of faith in your own ability to create the life you desire  

All while experiencing the magical healing of self care in a majestic villa in Mykonos, Greece!!! 

Live The Magic Retreat in Mykonos

Tune into your abundant life, start creating from within  

The Venue  

Mykonos is Greece’s most famous island, a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the most well known island group in the Aegean Sea. Magically formed by the ancient mythical heroes of Greece. Named after the grandson of Apollo, you’ll discover there a world where glamour meets peace.  

We’ll be spending 5 nights in a private stunning villa. Specifically chosen to immerse you in the Live the Magic Retreat experience. Located in the beautiful Kounoupas hilltop, the residence enjoys magical views of the Aegean Sea and Delos Island. Centrally located near Mykonos town and the world famous cosmopolitan beaches of Psarou, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Kalo Livadi, Panormos, Elia.  

The villa offers all kinds of magnificent facilities and amenities to provide the most magical holiday. The pool deck is equipped with elegant rattan lounge sofas, and alluring sun chairs perfect for relaxing next to the pool or jumping in for a swim.

Rejuvenate yourself in the peaceful meditation gazebo, stunning gardens or captivating chapel and admire the breathtaking view of the sunset melting into the Aegean Sea. Indulge your palate with a sumptuous dinner prepared by our private chef!  

About me

Elena Agrizzi

I’m Dr. Elena Agrizzi, international visionary & success coach for women entrepreneurs. I’m a certified coach with almost 20 years of experience in personal development. I combine my formal MBA education with a deep, powerful holistic knowledge and constant research to help women LIVE THE MAGIC every day of their lives.  

I learned that there is a different way of living life and business, a way where you are in touch with your inner self, a way where you can tap into your intuition and step into flow. Stepping into flow means to surrender and allow yourself to be guided by God/Universe to fulfill your purpose – being in service to yourself and others .  

Elena Agrizzi

Live the Magic Retreat in Mykonos 

Tune into your abundant life, start creating from within  

24 MAY - 29 MAY 2018  


♦ INTUITIVELY LED DAILY SCHEDULE Each day will be leisurely filled with workshops, group activities, excursions, relaxation and fun.

♦ PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION Group session deepening your connection to your personal desires and powers of creation, in addition to in-person coaching, and live Q&A  

♦ DAILY GUIDED VISUALIZATION Created to deepen your connection to your intuition, body, abundance and magic.

♦ PRIVATE VILLA To spread out, fully unwind, and tap into the beauty and magic of Mykonos Greece

♦ INTIMATE GROUP SETTING Only 10 spaces available to allow for personalized attention and maximum growth  

♦ MEALS & ACCOMMODATIONS & TRANSPORTATION to and from the airport. Meals exquisitely prepared by our own private chef & single or double accommodations  

♦ GROUP PHOTOSHOOT Access to my exclusive personal photographer Rebecca Lindsay for lavish group photos (Individual branded sessions available for an additional fee.) 


The Retreat does not include

• Travel arrangements (flights) • Alcohol • Tips and all personal spendings outside the Villa (shopping, drinks, medicine...) • Insurance (every participant needs to take care of her own medical and general insurance) • Medical expenses or other unforeseen expenses  


Space is limited. Only 10 spots available.  

FAST ACTION BONUSES... Be between the first 3 or 5 to enroll and get 

♦ 1 HOUR 1:1 COACHING SESSION with dr. Elena Agrizzi to gain immediate clarity on what is stopping you from a magically inspired life. You will go deeper into your money archetypes, abundance blocks, and start your path to magical abundance. Available only to the first 3 to enroll {€900 value} 

♦ SINGLE OCCUPANCY ACCOMMODATIONS A magical 5 day experience in Mykonos Greece at a private villa in your own PERSONAL SPACE. Relax, rejuvenate and expand as you experience first hand what it means to live in and through your desires. Available only to the first 5 to enroll {€1000 value}  

Mykonos Villa


What are the dates of the retreat? The retreat will begin on the afternoon of 24 May 2018 and end on the morning of 29 May 2018. Please schedule your flight to arrive early afternoon local time. 

Are meals and accommodations included in the cost of the retreat? Yes. The retreat includes meals, accommodations, and scheduled group activities. Transportation from and to the airport is also included. 

Will I have single occupancy accommodations? Single occupancy is limited. Due to the nature of the villa there are limited single occupancy rooms which will be assigned on a first pay basis.  

Are there additional features of the villa I should know about? Yes. Laundry facilities are available on site, no need to over pack. Wi-fi and a fully equipped office center with telephone and fax are also available, though we would like you to do your best to unplug during the retreat, we understand that last minute things arise that may require your attention. There is a beautiful swimming pool and a Chapel.

Is transportation included in the cost of the retreat? Transportation/transfer from the airport to the villa and from the villa to the airport is included. You need to personally buy your own flight as participant are arriving from different cities. The flight is not included in the cost of the retreat. Direct flights to Mykonos are available from Venice, Italy and Athens, Greece with Volotea. If you need assistance in arranging your travel our team is happy to assist.  

Is a payment plan available? Yes, sure see below.


Susan Capaldi

Susan Capaldi (Scotland) "What an experience. Dream city location, beautiful historic hotel, small intimate group of intelligent beautiful women. Strong, empathetic, encouraging and directional leadership and coaching from Elena and friends. 

Intense, emotional, spiritual, loving space with lots of soul baring, aha moments, sharing personal experiences, removing blocks, reflection and positive lasting growth. New goals in sight. What a special experience from a beautiful woman with an insightful vision and a wonderful, generous and loving expertise in her profession. I will remember it forever and carry all these ladies forward in my heart - they were fantastic! Can’t wait to do it again and build on what I learned the first time around. "

 Heather Johnson (USA)  

"I love Elena! I cannot thank her enough for teaching me how to listen to my heart... Thank you. The lessons I learned from her have truly changed my life forever. She's so strong and solid in her feminine, and she really helped me to see that all of the answers I seek are within. My heart knows. My body knows! So grateful for what she taught me. Elena is such a powerful woman and role model for her wonderful son, and for girls and women across the globe."  

Helen Johnson

Donata Santato (Italy)  

"I needed it. I’ve had the possibility to look inside and connect with a deeper, more creative and intuitive part of me. Elena is a wonderful coach! With her skills, experience and her whole being she can really help us bring out our best part, in a fantastic way! Thank you Elena." 


SINGLE PAYMENT OPTION Special One-Time Payment Offer €5000 €4000 

PAYMENT PLAN Make a deposit of €2000 and 2 monthly payments of €1500  

  Have a question that is not on the list? Want to talk with a member of our team to find out if this is a right fit for you? Click below to schedule a call.  

  Here are some videos of previous Live the Magic Retreats


Watch the video! Rebecca Lindsay available for lavish group photos at the Retreat (individual branded sessions available for an additional fee) 

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