I would like to tell you more about myself, my story, my journey and explain to you what brought me here now to do what I do.

If I have to give a title to my story, it would probably be “Emotional empowering”.

Why? Let me tell you.

Since I was born I was an extremely sensitive and intuitive being. So sensitive that I could easily connect with people feelings, perceive their emotions, their pain, their struggle even beyond words and behavior.

I was, and I am, a truly empathic person.

You might say: “what a gift.” Well, to tell you the truth it was not!

I used to get overwhelmed by all this information and strong feelings; I used to connect so deeply to people pain and struggle that they would easily become my pain, my struggle!!

All this happened mainly at an unconscious level without me realizing what was really going on inside of me.  My emotions were wildly leading my life without me understanding how and why.

At the age of 16, I got seriously sick, I was losing weight very fast, and I was crying all day long. My doctor immediately asked for a full check up. He seriously considered I had leukaemia; he said I had most of the symptoms.

Luckily enough I didn’t have leukaemia nor any other illness, and he finally stated it was due to STRESS.

Yes, my emotions were affecting my physical body in a very serious way.  I had the feeling they were killing me.

After this strong experience I started to understand my high stress problems were mainly due to my sensitiveness and somehow I decided I was not going to suffer anymore.I managed to block my feelings and run away from any difficult situation or emotion.

I started physically feeling better and better.
It was so much needed at that time.
But soon I realized I felt empty, out of purpose, useless.
I knew inside myself I had a gift, and I was not using it.

I could not go back to pain and suffering because that was not helping me nor others, so I understood I had to start a journey inside myself to understand deeply who I was, what I was meant to be.

I had to find a way to transform that curse, because this is what it was at that time, into my real fulfillment, power, passion.


I started at University studying foreign language and literature; reading has always been one of my biggest passions.
There are so many great authors that spoke about human conditions, emotions, inner struggle. Shakespeare was one of my favorites.

Then I enrolled in any possible inner awareness, self-development seminar.
I had to understand, I had to find a way.

For more than 20 years I dug deep inside myself with hypnosis, past regression therapy, energy healing, guided visualizations, therapy music since I become a transformational trainer myself.

I had to FREE myself to free others.

In this long journey I was able to:

  • Free myself from all my limiting beliefs 
  • Transform my negative emotions into a powerful purpose driven force 
  • Create the life and business I truly desired, full of creativity, intuition, and passion

I understood that EMOTIONS:

  • have their own incredible “intelligence”
  • are much faster and accurate than our mental reasoning
  • don’t work like our linear brain reasoning, they have their own “code”
  • I learned you can feel without being affected by emotions
  • they are powerful information to be used and to let go (this is very important)
  • they are a powerful engine in our life and business
  • they are the stargate to a fulfilled, complete existence.

My question for you is:

Who are you? What is your curse, your gift? What are you passionate about?

Yes, we can transform our story and start a completely new one!

We can learn to use our emotions appropriately and live our life and business on a passion driven basis.

We can start being aware that our emotions, our passion can transform our life and business in a magic inspired living! 

When we connect to our inner purpose, our emotional power, we start creating consciously in a high vibrational status and everything becomes possible!!

Yes! It is possible! It is real!

Emotions are a powerful gift to be understood!

It might take some time but when you do, you totally step into magic.

You start a deep connection with the world; you start feeling your own energy, and you learn how to use it to empower yourself and others. It is the power of connection, the power of being one, the power of following the flow. Listen and you will receive guidance. Listen and you will perceive the reality in a completely different way.

I am really looking forward to hearing your own experience, your journey, your story.

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