TEST your ability to create MAGIC in your Life and Business and learn how to implement it.

Magic unfolds in our life when we totally surrender to who we really
are and dare to tune into what we were meant to be.

Success is all about this!!

Rewriting the Story of Your Life

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Guided Visualization on the beach to Relax and Recharge

Let’s use the power of guided visualization to Relax and Recharge. Yes! Let’s go to the beach! My son amazing music composition and I will guide you there, it is a warm sunny day. It is time to PAUSE and reconnect with your inner self. Start creating from that place within!! Click below!

See What Others Says About Elena

“I can’t say enough about Elena’s work! Elena is a magical coach, and a wonderfully warm person. Transformational. After just one session, I gained more clarity and a completely new way to work on my business. Elena uses her broad education and experience, as well as her sharp mind and keen intuition to select just the right tools to work with the individual and the problems presented. I will definitely work with her again!”

Carol Powell Cox (USA)

“Coaching with Elena has opened my heart to look at my life & business from a different perspective. She is a person who believes that we can change our attitude to life in minutes and you can feel that energy. Her questions were very powerful and helped me to discover what was keeping me stuck and then move forward to where I desired to be. If you are looking to create your life with flow, I recommend working with her.”

Sylwia Eli Kleczynska (UK)

“Elena is an amazing woman with a great intuition. My session with her was fun, profound and it lead to immediate shifts. I was able to identity some blocks I was not aware of even though I have done a lot of work around that area. Highly recommend you gift yourself a session with this gorgeous woman.”

Alba Gomez (Australia)

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This is not how the story is going to end!!!

When I was a child I used to dream a lot! Well to tell you the truth, also now but not as much as in those days. Sometimes they were nice Dreams where I was dancing, flying, playing… Sometimes they were freighting nightmares where somebody was killed or I was in danger.

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Your Desires

I would like you, to tune in your desires! Our desires are powerful tools from where we can manifest “almost anything” in the world. Yes, I guess you probably are familiar with the law of attraction and you probably are aware that sometimes it seams to work and sometimes it simply doesn’t.

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Emotional Empowerment

I would like to tell you more about myself, my story, my journey and explain to you what brought me here now to do what I do. If I have to give a title to my story, it would probably be “Emotional empowering”. Why? Let me tell you.

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TEST your ability to create MAGIC in your Life and Business and learn how to implement it.

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